When I first started blogging as part of a university project, I wasn’t really sure how to represent myself online.

For a long time my blog was a place to display my uni assignments, but the main readership seemed to be students in the year below wanting to get hints as to what they should be writing about!

That’s when I decided to start writing about things I really had a passion for – music, film and television – whilst I was job hunting. All of a sudden everything took off…

I was approached by Yahoo to join their contributor’s network and soon after I began blogging for Metro.co.uk. I was over the moon that my work was getting recognition. To be paid to write was (and still is!) my absolute dream.

Unfortunately over the last year I’ve encountered some health problems which has seriously limited my time to write. As such, this website hasn’t been getting the TLC it deserves. I’ve recently come to the decision to take a few months away from full-time work to focus on my health and I hope that writing will provide a form of therapy whilst I get better.

Writing less frequently made me rediscover my love for blogging; for sharing an opinion about anything and everything. It’s such a great way to relieve stress, to express excitement and to connect with others. That’s why I’ve decided to revamp my blog and make it something I am truly proud of.

So here we are… new look, new theme and even a new domain name.

I’ll be writing about film, telly, gaming, life, home décor, health and everything in between. Because who knows what I’ll be inspired to write about tomorrow, or the next day, or next month!

I’ve recently been noticing how my interests can change in the smallest frame of time. I guess that’s part of growing up and I’m certainly excited to see how this blog will grow along with me.

I’d love to hear from any readers, so don’t be afraid to reach out via my contact page!

Thanks for reading!



From time to time I may use affiliate links. This means that if you click certain links on my blog, and then purchase that product, I may receive a small commission without it costing you any extra! I may also occasionally write about PR samples or gifted items but I will always provide an honest review. Any such posts will also have a disclaimer.